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What is a patent ?
- A document issued by the Patent office that purports to give an inventor the exclusive right to make use and sell an invention as specified in the claims of that patent.
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- The ability of an invention to satisfy the legal requirements for obtaining a patent, including novelty
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This page allows potential investors to quickly identify promising
opportunities. Hence the information in the sub-headings below will form
the basis for a quick overview of the potential of the patented ideas
throughout Africa and beyond.

NB. Patented ideas on this page were granted by the Kenya Industrial
Property Institute (KIPI), under the industrial property act 2001, and the
inventors are seeking to franchise, sell or partner with the investors to
bring these products to the market place.


Eco Terminal Rubber ( Patent Number PC&D 001 :)


Battery terminal corrosion is a major problem to motorists because it increases resistance at the battery terminals reducing the voltage available to the chassis electrical system. If left unchecked, battery corrosion can spread beyond connectors and terminals to the hold down straps and carrier box, resulting in physical damage to the battery. Currently, there are no products in the market for removing or preventing corrosion.
We developed Eco Terminal Rubber/Cleaner to be a handy, conventional and cost-effective solution to battery terminal corrosion. Our focus is on utility, convenience and affordability. With Eco Terminal Rubber/Cleaner, motorists will no longer resort to “crude” ways of preventing and cleaning corrosion. The product has successfully passed through all stages of product development and has been approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards . It is user friendly and does not result in any damages to the battery.


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Patent number PC&D 002 :
expiring 2025
INVENTION TITLE: The process of making fully cooked cassava meal, the alternative food


Background information With the consistence food shortage in Kenya every year, the inventors came with this idea of an alternative food to ugali known as Garri- or Fufu as it is known in many West African communities. It’s a cassava-based product and the principal staple food in West Africa. Unlike maize or wheat, cassava is a robust drought resilient crop that fixes nitrogen in the soil, thus ideal for inter-cropping and an excellent means of diversifying staple food production in Eastern and Southern Africa.

While Garri has the same look as Ugali and is consumed in a similar manner, it differs in that it saves you time and energy! It doesn’t need any cooking as it is already pre-cooked. All you need to do is add water, hot or cold according to your preference. Garri is more nutritious and healthier than maize or wheat-based products. It’s more fibrous and less
It naturally contains vitamins B and C and because palm oil is used in its preparation, it’s also rich in vitamins A and E.Garri is helpful in cases of Celiac disease, liver diseases, and convalescents from disease or surgery and reinitiating solid foods after a period of fasting. Garri can also be served with all savory foods, cold milk to make a sweet cereal thus making Garri an ideal food for the sick, old and young.Garri has already made its way into the shelves of the biggest retail chain in Kenya courtesy of the inventors who have put up a factory in Tala, Kangundo District in the eastern part of Kenya. With the right combination of marketing and production Garri is poised to be a winner in terms of strong and steady growth and robust market share.
For more information call +254 720 405 201 |+254 020 44 52 691

Patent number PC&D 003 :
expiring in 2025.

INVENTION TITLE: The process of manufacturing bio degradable sanitized wipes for disinfecting hands, supermarket and airport trolleys/baskets before use.

TRADE MARK- Anti Bacterial Eco-wipes

Background information

. The population more over is becoming increasingly more hygiene conscious especially due to the emergence of the recent past of deadly easily communicable diseases and viruses. Recognizing this fact the inventor has devised an innovative product, ANTI BACTERIAL ECO WIPES, that allows shopper and visitors of public places to maintain proper hygiene and obtain peace of mind by disinfecting their hands and trolleys/baskets before use. This product is quick and effective without being abother to the business owners
For more information call +254 720 405 201 |+254 020 44 52 691

Patent Number PC&D 004 :
expiring 2027

INVENTION TITLE: Dual layered disinfected hand glove like tissue for wiping cistern handles and toilet seat before use

Anti Bacterial Eco Toilet Wipes

Background information
Toilets (restrooms), private or public, are a mainstay in all sectors of society.
However, clean toilet seats and cistern handles provide a huge challenge to overall public health and hygiene around the world.

In general, restroom users wipe toilet seats and cistern handles with toilet paper (or something similar) if a supply is readily available.Most places have an attendant who is required to clean the toilets on a time specific schedule which is tiresome, time consuming and costly and this frequency is never good enough because of the high rates of users for these facilities.
The failure of a business to clean its toilets could potentially result in the loss (or reduction) of customers especially if a competitor offers a better sanitation alternative In the spirit of a safer, greener environment, the inventor has used biodegradable material to manufacture the disinfected dual layered hand glove-like tissue-under the Anti Bacterial Eco Toilet Wipes’ brand name-that’s worn on human hands for the purpose of disinfecting hard surfaces such as toilet seats and cistern handles.
It should also be noted that no invention of this type exists anywhere in the world.

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